Tuesday, January 24, 2017

You Know You're From Sparta When...

Written by: Lauren Groff

We love Sparta- we couldn't see life any other way, and frankly… we don't want to. Living in our own little bubble is satisfying enough, and although we may not willingly admit it, the over-abundance of bagels, pizzerias, and nail salons has become part of who we are today. Here are tell-tale signs that our community has taken you under its rule

  1. Panera is the go to
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2. You had at least one birthday party here
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3. Every post-elementary school sports event was spent at Sparta Dairy
Image result for sparta dairy sparta nj

4. The German Christmas Market is the only “reason for the season”
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5. You've tried to jump off this bridge
Image result for sparta nj lake mohawk bridge

6. You secretly hope Mugs Media shows up at your game
Image result for sparta nj mugs media

7. French toast bagels… enough said
Image result for french toast bagels sparta nj

8. You`ve spent all afternoon sweating it out at Sparta Day
Image result for sparta day sparta nj

9. You hike to the top of the Sparta Glen...to take a photo for your Instagram account.

Image result for sparta glen sparta nj

10. “Yeah white!”
Image result for sparta vs pope john

11. You're never too old…
Image result for sparta nj lake mohawk playground
12. “OMG yeah, I'm like really into the whole fitness thing now”
Image result for sparta nj nutrition store

13. Post-win team dinner, anyone?
Image result for sparta diner

14. Chances are, you spent at least one summer at Camp Sacajawea
Image result for sparta nj camp sacajawea
15. The best weekend before summer break…
Image result for sparta nj memorial day parade

16. Driving out to Vernon for a night at Mountain Creek was totally worth it
Image result for mountain creek

17. You've hosted a team carwash here
Image result for Sparta nj carnival
18. You've referred to SMS as “the jail”
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19. “Are you going down the shore?”
Image result for seaside park nj

Image result for Sparta spartans nj

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