Thursday, January 12, 2017

Sparta Inducts New STEM Students in White Coat Ceremony

Written by: Billy Stoddard

Sparta High School’s Project Lead The Way (PLTW) Stem program formally accepted 19 new members last week. The program is a very challenging curriculum and schedule bolstered with interesting field trips. The program is currently in its second year. The freshman who were inducted include:

Shahed Al-Aydi
Todd Cummings
Jeremy Devaney
Corinne Goome
Antonia Hand
Terrence Hurley
Natalie Krudys
Kelsi Loewen
Jordan Ouimette
David Rubin
Michele Scaglione
Ryan Ventresca
Ande Wittenmeier
Evan Fischer
Sebastian Gomez
Patrick McQuillan
Thomas Scheri
Anna Tartaglia
Alan Young

Mrs. Pisano, Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Ferraro, and Dr. Rossi all spoke at the white coat ceremony, where the students were presented their lab coats by the sophomores, who spearheaded the program last year. Mrs. Wilson said, “These 19 students have already demonstrated their ability to think creatively, problem solve, collaborate, read, write as well as grasp mathematical and scientific content at levels well beyond their years,”. Mrs. Ferraro also had kind words to say. She said, “Research correlates exposure to STEM instruction with success in higher education, regardless of the field of study,”. Dr. Rossi was also very inspirational with his speech. He said, “remember it is about sincerity of purpose”.

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