Friday, January 6, 2017


Written by: Sylvia Sochacki

It’s a commonly shared opinion that shows from the good ol’ days, that being the 90’s and early 2000’s, were of greater quality. Whether that be because of superior scripts, quirkier characters or overall more entertaining and original content, these shows have stuck with us from childhood for one reason or another.
Now point your finger and summon a time travel spell with Sabrina The Teenage Witch.You may remember Melissa Joan Hart as her starring role of Sabrina Spellman, a teenage witch living with her supernatural aunts. She must juggle mortal high school, dating, being called a freak by Libby the cheerleader, being randomly quizzed by a quizmaster to obtain her witch’s license, all while hiding her powers from her mortal friends, and enemies. One could say her powers symbolize the incredible struggle to juggle passing high school, maintaining healthy social relationships, having a job, participating in extracurriculars and the gloom of family and personal matters that every teenager combats daily. With it’s witty script, endearing characters and constant situational irony, it’s reassuring to see how similar an average mortal’s life, like your own, can be to that of a teenage life.

Brew a cup a coffee or two, (or five) grab your mom and enjoy the clever back and forth banter of Gilmore Girls. Netflix’s addition of Gilmore Girls to its selection kick started the incredible fan base it never saw when it first aired in 2000. The new access to the show was a walk down memory lane for the old fans and introduced the new fanbase to the mother daughter duo of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. Pregnant at 16, Lorelai Gilmore ran away from home, talked her way into a job at a hotel and raised her daughter, Rory Gilmore. Gilmore Girls starts off with 16 year old Rory being accepted to a prestigious high school, and the debt Lorelai repays to her own mother is weekly Friday night dinners till the debt is repaid. This comedic drama is overflowing with immaculate dialogue and beautiful characterization, you’ll fall in love with not only the town of Stars Hollow, but the charming inhabitants of it as well. (Note: a revival of Gilmore Girls was released on Netflix on November 26 2016, it’s a tearjerker)

Meet Boy Meets World - an average 90’s sitcom. A young male lad getting through middle school with the help of his friends and family, plus a 7th grade teacher that just won’t go away...or retire for that matter. From the outside, not much separates this show from the pool of shows just like it, however the everlasting bond and eternal relationships of the characters creates a T.V. family unlike any other. The audience grows up with each of the characters, messing up, righting wrongs, and maturing along the way. The troublesome trio of Cory ,Sean and Topanga is not a trinity that is easy to enter, but once you're in, you’re in for life.

Now that we’ve dusted off our VHS tapes and let the glowing warmth of their wit and wholesomeness shine through, it’s time to push them through the slot, rewind to the beginning, and reminisce on a time that 2017 has forgotten. Where witches go on school field trips to Salem, Massachusetts, where a strictly religiously raised Korean girl hides rock CDs under floor panels, and where a single teacher follows you from middle school all the way to college. Watch back these classic favorites and remind yourself of the love for them that  you never lost.

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