Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Sparta Scoop to Host New Show

Dr. Michael Rossi, Superintendent of the Board of Education

    Last Thursday, morning announcement mogul, “The Sparta Scoop,” had the honor of meeting with the Superintendent of the Sparta Board of Education, Dr. Michael Rossi, who released information that he would be hosting a new show on the Scoop called, “The Superintendent's Corner.”

    In this new show, Dr. Rossi would be discussing the changes that are going on and will happen around the school district, including technology, curriculum, and other topics that affect the Sparta schools, all while accompanied by a staff member who will help further explain how the changes are going to work.

    The show is intended not only for students, but for parents as well, informing them on the changes that are going on with their children’s school system.

    "The Superintendent's Corner" is to start recording on the 25th of January, with the first topic being on the introduction of Chromebooks into the school curriculum, and the finished product will only be found on “The Sparta Scoop.”

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