Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Sparta's Secret Spots

    Think Sparta High is made up of textbooks, teachers and torture? Think again. Let's discover some hidden places in our awesome community.

 Less of a surprise, the Sculpture Garden holds more secrets than it is a secret. An escape in itself, students retreat to the Sculpture Garden particularly during lunch (in the warm weather) either alone to zone out or with friends to unwind from a stressful day. The mini utopia was built in 2008 by Sparta High Students. This came along with the school's major reconstruction while we were merely just elementary school students! It allowed Sparta's art alumni to have a lasting impact on the school that held so many memories for them.

You gotta go when you gotta go, would you ever go in the link? Did you even know there were bathrooms there? It's likely you've passed right by them - students choose it as their last-resort bathroom. Especially girls, there are no mirrors in there! How will we ever adjust that huge sock bun?

Chances are, if you've been through the secondary entrance in the front of the school or went a little too far before turning to the music hallway, you've seen an estranged door all in a hallway by itself. No secret here - it's really just a back entrance/exit to the main office.

The silent rooms in the choir and orchestra rooms are silent in two respects: mainly, for musicians to practice their music all in their own comfort where no one can hear them, and the fact that they are physically "silent" - if you don't pay attention, you may never really notice them. They are placed just on the sides of the rooms.

Sometimes, students are in a strange level of wonder. Ever sat in class, reading a particularly uninteresting book, and wonder why you had to read this book? Couldn't the school just have exactly enough books for everyone but you? Where do all these books even come from? Have no fear, we have the answers! A door at the end of the English hall holds all the books you will ever read in English class, with extras, don't fret, and more.

While the English and Math departments have their distinct workrooms, (knock first!) so does history, though it differs. It's more of a walk in closet - the one everyone dreams of having - for printers, copiers, papers and more. Many of the history teachers coined the name "Narnia" for their workroom.

Ever heard of The Pit? Not your Pit - save that to yourselves! The Pit is where Sparta High's orchestra and band is typically housed during school musicals. An audience member may not even notice it! It is in front of the typical stage, yet somewhat below.

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