Friday, December 9, 2016

Four T.V. Show Reboots You Have To Add To Your List On Netflix

Article By: Kanita Tariq 

2016 has been the year of television revivals that not only are hilariously cheesy, but also serve as great conversation starters with relatives - besides, of course, the occasional, “Who did you vote for?” and “Seriously, how much time do you spend on that phone?”. Here is a list of 5 spin-offs you can start enjoying or look forward to with family this holiday season:

  1. Fuller House: The beloved show Full House aired from 1987 to 1995 and quickly became a family favorite. It’s spin-off, taking place twenty-one years after the last episode. Fuller House focuses on widowed D.J. Tanner attempting to raise her three sons, in the same boat as her father almost three decades earlier (even in the same home!). After a well-received first season, a second season is underway and set to air this month on Netflix. The show is both family-friendly and nostalgic to lovers of the original, perfect for a holiday marathon.
  1. Gilmore Girls: A Year in The Life: The energetic and coffee-addicted single mom and daughter return to the small screen eight years later, giving fans an ending the show truly deserved. Reunited with the original cast, take a trip back to Stars Hollow with four 90-minute episodes for lots of tears, laughs, and love throughout the year, with hilarious current pop references and fast talking that you’ll have no trouble keeping up with.
  1. That’s So Raven: This reboot will have us all revisit our childhood starring everyone’s favorite psychic, Raven Baxter, as a divorced mother with two children both inheriting her visionary skills. There is little information out about the spin-off, but rest assured, a Raven reunion is definitely in your future!

  1. Girl Meets World: A major cringe for some, but for others it is an ode to the characters we all adore from the original sitcom, Boy Meets World. Starring a new and younger cast as well as returning characters in supporting roles, Girl Meets World brings back the moral compass that had been missing from our lives since 2000. This is probably one for the younger siblings, but if you watched the original show, it is perfect to reminisce.

All shows currently airing are available on Netflix, so sign into your account and wrap up in your holiday sweater to enjoy a number of shows with your family, ones that all ages can enjoy!

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