Thursday, December 22, 2016

Make Sure To Try The Spinach, Not Just Plain Old Kidney Beans! DECEMBER 9-16 HAPPENINGS!

Article By: Will Nichols

On Friday December 9, we had an assortment of such going on at Sparta High School. Juniors in gym soccer took experience to the next level. Here at Sparta High School, we do a little bit of everything! Hours and minutes went by, classes and such, and then lunch took over.

10:45 AM: Drum roll please…………….
Snapple fact : The only bird that can see the color blue is the owl.

Everybody gobbled down their lunch, and skated to class.
In History we learned about the Great Depression, oh how greatly depressing that is!

Great history, because now I present to you this week in history.

December 7th 1941
Japan bombed Pearl harbor at 7:55 a.m.

December 9th 1922
1,800 United States Marines arrive in Mogadishu, Somalia, to spearhead a multinational force aimed at restoring order in the conflict-ridden country.

December 11th 1998
Our very own senior of Sparta High, Kristin Smith was born. Happiest of birthdays, Kristin!  

December 12
On this day in 1980, American oil tycoon Armand Hammer pays $5,126,000 at auction for a notebook containing writings by the legendary artist Leonardo da Vinci.

On Friday evening December 9th, we took a stroll down memory lane, to see the movie Home alone at Sparta High School.
It was a blast, and the student council did a great job!
It was not very well attended unfortunately, and not many juniors showed up. It was unique, and if something new happens from student council make sure to try the spinach, and don’t go back to your plain old kidney beans! We here like to explore the fun, danger, intelligence, and slimy encounters of this town of Sparta!

The moment we’ve all been waiting for! Teenagers love to light things on fire! It’s calming to us, but our parents would throw the 5 hour long speech on why we shouldn’t do that . I’m going to show you how we did that in Sparta High School, in our very own Biomedical Science Class, and you can throw it back at your parents!
Well below you see a pepsi can, that was filled with water. We had placed a temperature indicator in the pepsi can, which was attached to a computer programming box, which was plugged into the computer via USB port. We then placed Goldfish on a metal rod, under the pepsi can which was being held in place, and we lit the goldfish on fire.  This was to determine the amount of kilocalories, Joules, and energy in one goldfish based on the temperature in Celsius, but you  just like to skip all technical stuff, and look at the flaming photograph.


On Saturday December 17th 2016 , Henry Heimlich unfortunately went to the big cloud in the sky at 96 years old. Henry was a surgeon who invented the Heimlich Maneuver. It is still used today as a mechanism to reverse choking, and help cough it up. Lets all give Henry a round of applause.   


As we wrap the story up we see christmas lights Evergreen trees at our own Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church. Lets remember to give enormous joy on this Holiday season, and look forward to the upcoming break.  

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