Sunday, December 18, 2016

S.H.S. Honors Choir Sings Around Sparta

A few weeks ago, the Honor’s Choir here at S.H.S had the opportunity to sing at the annual meeting of the Sparta Township Women's Club, to sing a sample of what they will perform at their Winter Concert later in the month. The show lasted half an hour, but it was enough time for the choir to show off the expertise and professionalism within their music.

Mrs. Lopez, director of the Honor’s Choir, had this to say on the event, “It feels good to do something for the community and see them enjoy us and enjoying music, and I think we made their day.”

The next stop was WSUS, where they performed one again, but this time to the entire tri state area, and truly showed off the pinnacle of their talent.

If you want to see just how amazing the Honors Choir is at singing, the Choir Concert is this wednesday at 7:00.

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