Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Students Refuse to Pick Sides as the Election Approaches

The election is now less than a week away. Who will you be voting for?

This year, the country was thrown into a commotion as the presidential election caused radical splits in the Democratic and Republican political parties. It can also be seen that in both political parties, party members cannot support their candidates due to the events that have occurred over the course of the year. In recent reports, the support for both candidates has dropped to an all time low, a low hat has not been seen since the election of 1984.

Now, as the election grows ever closer, students at Sparta High School have found that with all of the mudslinging that has been going on in the election, it has been hard to see through the attacks and find a feasible answer. In a candid poll, students found themselves unable to choose between the two candidates and most felt that the two were equally unfit to become president.

At the moment, the race is still too close to call. Politicians warn that the people must make their decision very carefully, for this would be an election that could change American history.

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