Monday, October 24, 2016

Students of Sparta: Humberto Cuadrado and Rounak Jilla

       I sat down with two new students to our community, Humberto Cuadrado and Rounak (better known as "Ron") Jilla. Humberto comes from Florida and Ron moved to Sparta from upstate New York. Being in at least two different school districts, the juniors and I discussed the foundation of what makes a school enjoyable and successful. Text in blue comes from Humberto. Text in green 
comes from Ron. 

    "Man, governing school is quite the task. To be real with you, I feel like it is infallibly made for me. First things first, I would have to teach of all individual students that don't take life seriously a lesson of sorts. They're all youngins who don't know know how the real life works! Take no disrespect! You have to school these kids so they're good people in the world! 
     How are you gonna run a prestigious public school if you don't represent the school? I think that teachers are supposed to be enthusiastic and outgoing. They gotta be able to make sure the kids understand the content, but also make it fun. They gotta be cool. Same thing goes for a principal - he or she gotta be cool. I don't like when no one knows the principal, it's better when everyone knows that person. Like the principal should be cool and approachable but at the same time, you know, it's still the principal. You gotta have a level of respect. It's great when they're cool with you and understand what you're saying.  
    And as far as conflict between students goes, if it was me personally, I would listen to both people but utilize the equipment we have in Sparta- like the cameras. You gotta catch every detail, read lips, do what you have to do to get to the bottom of it. Body language is also a huge part! My dad is a retired detective - he taught me how to find a story in a tough situation. Everyone, Humberto's about to pull out his magnifying glass over here. Watch your backs."

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