Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Wanna Chat? (In 13 Languages?)

  I've always been intrigued by different cultures. It's a goal of mine to travel the world one day and interact with amazing people in foreign countries. I love different languages, perhaps triggered by my family speaking so many languages-my paternal grandfather alone is fluent in nine languages! How is that even possible?
   Yes, English has basically become an international language, but I believe it's important when traveling to any country to at least know some basic terms in their respectful language. In case your family is traveling abroad in the future or you're and etymology nerd like myself, here's a few key terms in various languages.

Hello/Hi/Hey in Spanish....
Hola (oh-la) / Eh/ Oye (oh-ye) 
  Noted as the second unofficial language of the United States, there's a reason learning Spanish is so beneficial. In America, Spanish "pockets" are heavily populated in New Mexico, Texas, Miami, San Antonio and New York. A Spanish speaker can travel to fourteen countries without having to learn fourteen different languages - score!

How are you? in Russian...
как дела? (kak de-lah) 
  Props to those taking Russian! Not only are they learning a new language, but they have to fully comprehend the Cyrillic alphabet. The Cyrillic alphabet was developed in the 9th century by missionaries (in the Old Church Slavonic) to translate the Bible and other religious works. Other Slavic languages still using the Cyrillic alphabet include: Macedonian, Bulgarian, Mongolian, Ukranian, Serbian and Tajik.

Good/Bad in Polish...
Dobrze (doe-b-dje)/Źle (dj-leh)
    Polish is a Western Slavic language that is easier to know if you already know one of its related language. The countries name comes rom the tribe "Polanie", which means "people living in open fields".
Where is the bathroom? in Albanian...
Ku është banjoja? (koo esht ban-yo-ya)
    Part of the Balkan peninsula, Albania has a population of just 2.74 million, but 7-10 million Albanians are around the world. As a result of speedboat use for human and drug trafficking from Albania to Italian and Greek shores, speedboats are now banned.
(Burek, essentially flaky dough known as "yufka" has many variations - can be stuffed with meat, cheese, spinach etc. It is essentially the pizza of Ottoman cuisine)

Excuse Me in Portugese...
Com licença (co lee-sen-sah)
    The Portuguese are very tuned in on appearance and style, especially when just walking around in the cities. They believe style indicates social standing and success - dress to impress!

Sorry in Latin...
Me paenitet (me pie-nie-te)
     Although a dead language, there are people still actively studying the ancient Rome language. It is only actively used in scholarship and administration.

Thank you in Hebrew...
Toda! (toe-dah)
  Along with Arabic, Hebrew is the official language of Israel. Modern Hebrew became the official language in Israel in 1948, and in 1921 it became an official language in Palestine.

You're Welcome in Turkish...
Rica ederim (ree-ja ed-air-eem)
    With major city Istanbul (not Constantinople!) gaining more attention, Turkey is becoming one of the most acclaimed must see wonders of the world. Turkish culture is modernized while still including typical traditions through dance, cuisine, architecture and family life.
(Ayran is a cold yogurt beverage mixed with salt, typically eaten with burek. It is the unofficial drink of Turkey, but it is very different than milk- know the difference!)

Do you speak English? in Slovak...
Hovoríš po Anglicky? (hoe-vor-ish po an-glit-ski?) 
    While it may not come to mind when planning a trip, Slovakia is a delightful country with much to do . The 18,933 square mile country has over six thousand caves, the tallest castles, stunning mineral springs, and the highest wooden altar.

Yes/No in Japanese...
はい。(Hai, "hi") / いいえ(lie, "e-eh")
     Japan is not the tourist destination to relax! With 6,852 islands, Mount Fuji, and cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, and Sapporo that are sure to delight, you'll always be busy in Japan! はい。, pass me more sushi!

Could you please take our picture? in French...
Est-ce que vous pourriez prendre notre photo? (es-kuh voo pour-e-ay prendre note-ra photo)
    With all the amazing sights in France, this is a must know term!! A picture of you and the Eiffel Tower, Versailles, The Louvre, and shopping in Champs-Élysées is guaranteed to rack up all the Instagram likes, I promise. 

Is there WiFi? in Romanian...
Există Wi-Fi? 
   Ever heard of Transylvania? The Romanian region is known for its medieval towns and castles, specifically Bran Castle, known for the legend of Dracula. 

I love you : in Italian...
Ti amo 
  Italian is a romance language! You may use this term to those you are traveling with or perhaps toward an Italian - hey, you never know what can happen when in Rome...

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