Friday, October 7, 2016

Coffee Shop Opens to Raving Reviews

Last Friday, the choir room was transformed into a rather large coffee shop, where students could come and eat with their friends and perform songs. After arriving, I saw that it already seemed like a large success, with every seat being filled and with various entertainers playing as they pleased. It wasn’t long before I was able to find the choir teacher, Mrs. Lopez, in the back watching the performers, and I was able to get a few moments with her.

“Everybody’s in here playing and singing all the time anyway, so it’s really nice to get together and enjoy it.”

When asked about the School Store’s involvement in the project, selling the coffee to students at $1.50, she explained, “That was Mr. Stoner’s idea. He knew that the School Store would love to be involved. I’m happy to take care of the music and they’ll take care of the coffee!”

Performer Raphael Krause thinks of it as "a cool idea," and "a great place to hang out."

The coffee shop has begun with good reviews. Griffin Mendel, a visitor, had heard of the coffee shop through the high school choir’s instagram page, and thinks that it is like “Something you see in a movie.”

Holly Louis just happened to walk in and decided to join her friends. She thinks that the coffee shop idea is interesting and the performances ensured a good time.

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