Monday, November 21, 2016

The Fantastic Friday Facts - 11/18

Article by: Will Nichols

This week in history!
  1. On November 19, 1863, Abraham Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address.
  2. November 15, 1941, was the War of Starvation against Leningrad. Beleaguered Soviet Red Army units southeast of Leningrad finally crumbled under the heavy firepower of the German Army, allowing the city of Tikhvin to fall.

Some “Happy Birthdays” of Sparta High School! If I didn’t call you out then pat yourself on the back, throw yourself a party, and I’ll sing you Happy Birthday too!:-)  

James Lynch - November 1st
Peyton Martini- November 2nd
Nick Elnasser-  November…..
Brian Schoch-  November 11th
Rachael Schmidt- November 13th
William Nichols- November 14th
Quinn Van Es- November 16th
Coralyn Kurz- November 16th
Matthew Fede- November 19th
Samuel Jules- November 23rd
Alex+Alyssa Schimpf- November 23
Sara Vincelette- November 25th
Lauren Zanetakos- November 25th
Alexis Faria- November 26th

Snapple Fact of the Week:  Drumroll Please!!!!!! “An Eagle’s nest can weigh up to two tons. “

Juniors in Gym are playing soccer, while some seniors have left the building for health. Meanwhile, Sparta High School Football team is undefeated with 11-0.

Outside look
West Point Military Academy on 11/19/16 hosted a  football game  against Morgan State University of Baltimore, and West Point creamed Morgan State 60-3. Everything From great plays, exquisite scenery, working cannons, military parades, parachutes, and helicopters. Don’t miss out, on the experience of a lifetime!!!!!  Former SHS Alumni  James Schoch was there to give Boy Scouts Troop 95 of Sparta a tour of the Academy!  

As always Thank You, and I’ll see you soon!

Yours Truly,
William Nichols A.K.A Wild Will  ( Junior.S.H.S)  
A Picture  Below of The West Point Military Academy.


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