Monday, November 14, 2016

Doctor Strange Movie Review

Article by: Sean Hannon 

    Doctor Strange is the most recent movie by Marvel Studios, an extension of the Marvel universe to new lore and a new character Doctor Strange.The lead role, Doctor Strange, is played by Benedict Cumberbatch, a seasoned actor who plays quite well for his character in this movie. Other seasoned actors include Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Benedict Wong featured in The Martian, who also play their characters well. The cinematography in the movie is spot on like most Marvel films, although the CGI could be better in some scenes, it is nothing that ruins the entire movie.
Summary(Minor Spoilers!)
    Doctor Strange was an egotistical, arrogant, yet talented neurosurgeon in New York. He lives his wealthy life to its fullest extent, but when a freak accident causes damage to his hands, he is in a desperate attempt to fix himself and save his surgeon career. He looks for healing by spiritual means which leads him to Nepal. There, he joins a group of sorcerers and finds himself caught up in an ideological war between two sects of the sorcerers. The plot is in the Marvel theme of villain vs hero where Doctor Strange emerges as a hero against the opposing sect.
    Overall, Doctor Strange is a fantastic movie. The fights between the sorcerers are beautiful as they incorporate many different types mystical weaponry and spells to make fights interesting. For example, a sorcerer changed the center of gravity by making people gravitate to a side of a building, therefore interrupting their spells and making them fall a couple of feet. Besides the fights the plot is very strong considering the universe they’re in and takes advantage of advanced magics like controlling time and the effect it may have on people. The clash of the ideologies of the sorcerers are very interesting, (unlike many movies) the conflict actually makes the viewer question which side is true, but after some time it's very obvious who are the “good guys”. The jokes hit most of the time and are well thought out.
    The movie had some problems that may break the immersion of many intelligent viewers. The injury that Doctor Strange has inflicted in the beginning of the film seems to fade away in a fight scene as he uses the injured body part to its full potential, but after that it appears weak again as if the whole fight scene didn't happen. Some fans may be turned away by the lack of realism in the movie, but to my personal opinion I didn't find it a problem. As mentioned in the positives some jokes miss badly and only the most dedicated of children can enjoy. The arrogance and ego of Doctor Strange lingers a little too long in the film which can get irritating quickly, but past the halfway mark he humbles up fast.
    Doctor Strange feels like a classic Marvel movie and fits well in the Marvel universe. Besides a few hiccups here and there it's a great experience and I fully recommend it. However, it should not be a first choice pick for those seeking a more realistic Marvel film.

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