Monday, April 3, 2017

MLB Season Opener

Written by: Brandon Drapeau

When you’re a baseball fan, there’s two months that we cannot wait for: April and October. October is where magic happens, and where the champions are decided - but April is where it all starts. April 2nd is opening day for all the baseball fans and players. It is where the beginning of record setting seasons, and the start to the grind for the World Series ring. In addition to the last sentence, Madison Bumgarner has become the first pitcher in baseball history to hit 2 homeruns in one game on Opening Day.

Opening Day Matchups include:

Yankees @ Rays (The Rays won 7-3)
Giants @ Diamondbacks (At the time of writing this, it is bottom 7 and the Giants are winning 4-3)
Cubs @ Cardinals (This game will or already took place at 8:35 P.M.)

Also on April 3rd, there are many more MLB games including:

Marlins @ Nationals
Pirates @ Red Sox
Blue Jays @ Orioles
Phillies @ Reds
Royals @ Twins
Mariners @ Astros
Braves @ Mets
Rockies @ Brewers
Tigers @ White Sox
Padres @ Dodgers
Indians @ Rangers
Angels @ Athletics

Based on some preseason eye-ups, we can tell this is going to be an exciting season. Bryce Harper in the preseason led the league with home runs at 8 and Pablo Sandoval lead the preseason with runs batted in at 20. Pitching wise, Eddie Butler had the most wins at 5, Javy Guerra had the most saves at 3, and Danny Salazar had the most strikeouts at 37.

Now that the season has officially begun, who do you think could win this year just based off predictions? Could the Cubs have a repeat? Could the Indians come back to the championship, looking for some vengeance? We may not know now, but I sure know one thing: This season is going to be a real full of upsets and incredible matchups, and there is much to look forward to.

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