Thursday, March 30, 2017

SHS Congratulates Top 10 Students in the Senior Class

Recently, ten students in the senior class have been identified as the top students of the class. These students show the pinnacle of academic achievement and are considered the role models for all other students in S.H.S..
The top 10 students are as follows:
  1. Ben Giugliano
  2. Joaquin Talon
  3. Michael Mysh
  4. Premal Patel
  5. Nils Veidis
  6. Connor Dick
  7. Jillian Henderson
  8. Jordan Trzcinski
  9. Kaela Panicucci
  10. Isabelle Baptista
These students have gone above and beyond with their academic effort, and have come out on top as some of the most academically able students. The Oracle was able to sit down with some of these students to congratulate them on their achievement.

I first found Connor Dick, #6, and after a quick interview, he had this to say about how he feels being considered one of the best of the best, “It’s a privilege to be involved with so many of these bright students.” When asked about how he thinks this will affect his chances of getting into a good college, he said, “I feel ready for college...I feel like I’ll be prepared wherever I go.”

Next, I caught up with #2, Joaquin Talon, and he said, “It’s a pretty good honor...I get my face and name on the wall and it’s nice.” When I asked him about college, he said that he was still waiting for his application decisions to come back.

Finally I talked with Kaela Panicucci, #9, who when asked about how she felt, simply commented, “I feel pretty accomplished. I hope it’ll get me into a good college.”

The Oracle would like to congratulate these students once again, and hope that they achieve the most challenging of their dreams.

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