Friday, March 24, 2017

Thoughts Students Have in Homeroom

Written by: Lauren Groff

Half-asleep and groggy, we trudge into school five days a week to repeat the very same cycle. Before our day begins, we often have some time to think prior to first period, and often, we share many of our thoughts. Here are ten thoughts you all have in homeroom.

1. Is it Bagel Wednesday?

2. What day is it? Do I have lab today?
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3. Shoot! I was supposed to print that!
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4. ...When can I print it?

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5. Will my gym teacher notice if I keep my leggings on for gym?
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6. Do converse count as gym sneakers?
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7. I should have turned off Netflix and just gone to bed last night.
Image result for netflix i should have gone to bed meme

8. How many calories are there in a chocolate muffin?

9. Whatever. I'm getting a muffin.
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10. It was due at 11:59PM?!?!
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We're almost positive that you can relate to at least one of these… we sure can! Thanks for reading, Spartans!

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