Friday, February 24, 2017

Spread A Message With Ted-Ed

          Sparta High School is brewing up something big with a new and exciting extracurricular. The Ted-Ed Club is an emerging club that held their first interest meeting on Friday and will officially begin on Thursday, March 2 during lunch in room 419. The program will run for thirteen weeks where students will explore issues important to them. The advisors are English teacher Mrs. Mauriello and Mr. Johnson, a student teacher for Mrs.Kopp. With official board certification, the Ted-Ed Club is more than a bright idea; it's the real deal. The Ted-Ed Club allows students to create their very own TED Talk on anything that is important to them either off or on the camera. The advisors stressed the club is student-led and their role is to give you the step-by-step guide you need, very much for students, by students. It's a wonderful way for high school students to explore themselves a little bit deeper by figuring out what they really think about the issues and which of those issues really touch you the most.
       The club originally began at Sparta Middle School with English teacher Ms.Sofen, with Sparta High's club being a subset. When asked about its progress thus far, Ms.Sofen shared that the students are passionate about their topics and hopes when they transition to high school, they are still involved in Ted-Ed and anticipates growing the club so big that Sparta's students make an impact in a broader spectrum. Through our e-mail conversation, Ms.Sofen told me the great thing about joining this club is, "Whether its potential employers, college admissions directors, or other community-related resume-builders, having a TED Talk out in the world would be an impressive accomplishment for high school students looking to differentiate themselves from the crowd."
       For any student that wants to make an impact and finally wants to let out their inner thoughts, the Ted-Ed Club is for you. Don't have cold feet - positions are available not only for creating and speaking in your very own TED Talk, other positions include: a photographer, writer, Social Media Expert, and Video Production Coordinator. Come next Thursday and be a part of what Ms.Mauriello called a "respective, collaborative space to produce brilliant work."
      Upset you couldn't make the meeting? See Mrs.Mauriello for a permission slip and join the Google Classroom and Remind (see below for information). The excitement amongst the advisors is inspiring and the environment is beyond welcoming. If anyone can make a difference talking about things they enjoy, it's Spartans! Personally, I believe the Ted Ed Club is absolutely going to explode to make change right before our eyes. As an activist myself, I am eager to watch it explode.

Google Classroom: uepkm38
Remind 101: @shs2017ted

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