Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Oh, What A (Broadway) Night!

Written by: Lauren Groff

On Tuesday, January 31st, Sparta High School presented “Broadway Night”. The acts of the night included one song from each of the daytime choirs (Treble, Honors, and Concert) as well as student-run small ensemble pieces,  solos, and duets. Tickets sold at eight dollars each to benefit the Mark Inga scholarship. Mark Inga, a former Sparta High School Student and dedicated member of the Sparta choirs, died tragically in a motorcycle accident. A song he had written was performed by Arianna Rodriguez with Raphael Krauss on guitar, and orchestra teacher Loni Bach on the cello. “I loved seeing all the students have fun together and step out of their comfort zone and I was very proud of everybody," commented choir director, Laura Lopez. As the third marking period commences, the high school choirs will be focusing their efforts on preparing for their annual Spring Concert, following the theme of water. “Many songs have water as the center of the theme and it goes in many different directions- there will be many different styles of music water as the subject . We need water to live , so it seems that it’s been written about a lot” adds Lopez. All in all, Broadway Night was a beautiful showcase of coming together and using teamwork to make a difference.” With a such a dedicated group of sinners lead by Lopez, the Sparta Choir program was successful as always. Until next week!


“Omigod You Guys” Legally Blonde Ensemble
(Lomaani Ranasinghe, Kaitlyn Verney, Julia Miller, Nina Strowe, Lauren Groff, Erin Vreeland, Claire Riley, Natalie Strouse, Blaze Dalio, Kayla Kappemeir, Stephanie Downes )
             “She’s in Love!” The Little Mermaid
Women’s Treble Choir

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