Monday, May 8, 2017

Wonder and Myth of NJ, From Garden State Outsiders

Written by: Will Nichols 

If there's one thing that will physically put growing hair on your chest, or make you cringe, is the fact that people outside of New Jersey believe things that are not true.

Myth #1: New Jersey is a dump, all urban, and all factory! Wrong. If you fly into New Jersey, you fly into Newark Airport, and you see Newark. All you do, is travel I-95, or transfer flights, and you don’t see anything else.You see the concrete tar,  trash and industrialization of this city. Unfortunate assumption? Yes, it’s an embarrassment to us.
However go north into Sussex County, and this is what you find!KIMG0006.jpg Lake Mohawk

This is what you see in Northern New Jersey. Scenery you won’t forget. Just so I can show you multiple sides of the spectrum, let me show you the south. KIMG0095.jpg
Sea Girt, New Jersey

From the Jersey Shore to Sussex County you can’t deny we are the Garden State for a reason, and if anyone says otherwise, give them a ride, and let them see for themselves, and watch their eyes get fully dilated, because it was unexpected!

#2. Jersey Shore(The Show) reflects how we act! Absolutely not! Jersey shore consists of a bunch of people who do not resemble our morals, faith and professional personality. I remember people being surprised I was from New Jersey because I was so kind, and it just led me to think how little they actually know about the state. We come from such a diverse culture, and are widespread, yet we are a close family, and bend over backwards to get the job done for our relatives and friends. Sparta alone are filled with several religions, sport teams, occupations, and people who have a purpose to help the society. We have the most realistic people around us who come from several different backgrounds.  At the end of the day, we all work together to forget our differences. The show Jersey Shore is the most pathetic example of who we are. If you can teach people something away from New Jersey it’s two things:

  1. We are the Garden State, and not every town in New Jersey is urban like Newark.
  2. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Just because Snooki is, doesn’t mean we are.

I rest my case.

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