Meet the witty, enchanting, perky (and gorgeous) people who love to write for you!

Ms.DeLuccia has been a part of the Sparta High School Community for the last 15 years. She currently serves as the Educational Media Specialist/Librarian. She is the advisor of the ORACLE, co-advises Student Council and directs the Spring Musical.


Elise Kerim has a huge spark for life. Her interests include writing articles, activism, and brunching. Elise is a big participant with STAC, Pass It Along, Project Self-Sufficiency and DECA, amongst others. To unwind from the turbulence that is junior year, Elise enjoys baking cookies with her five year old brother. Her favorite thing about The Oracle is all the room for self-improvement and talking to staff and students alike to bring a sense of community.

Tiernan Doyle lives his life in several directions a. He writes, acts, broadcasts, sings, reports, and, to make it even more bizarre, is also a noble of a micronation. A man of many talents, Tiernan wants to be a news anchor or news correspondent and travel the world, becoming a true part of history rather than be just an eyewitness to it. In addition, he wishes to one day create, produce, and host a number of T.V. shows. That way, he has the capability to work in front of, as well as behind the camera.


Freshman Diana Cardoso is an avid reader who enjoys writing short stories. He favorite authors are Oscar Wilde, Edgar Allan Poe and Thomas Hardy. She is also a member of Pass It Along and Spanish Club.

Rounak Jilla, preferring to be called Roun (Ron), is a plain simple man. A hip hop head, ramen noodle connoisseur, and future ghost are defining traits of Roun. Going through life without regrets and living everyday as if it was the last is what Roun lives by.

Brandon is a sophomore who plays baseball for SHS as a pitcher, sometimes playing third base. Brandon loves to edit videos, make music, learn to code- pretty much anything to do with computers! He also love video games- varying from sports games such as 2k and Madden to Call of Duty and Battlefield. This is Brandon’s first year as a staff member of The Oracle and he can't wait to participate!

Mallory Collins is a junior here at Sparta High School. She likes spending her free time baking, reading, drawing and exploring NYC. In the future, Mallory would like to work in the fashion industry or become a history teacher. You can usually spot her holding a book or a tray of yummy cupcakes (feel free to ask her for one, she is always willing to share!)
Sylvia is a self described “delusional junior” who believes that she is still twelve and enjoys reading and music. Sylvia has a useless knowledge of trivia, whether that be of Polish history, church architecture or European geography. Along the scheme of useless knowledge, she also does ballroom dancing. While some may see her skills as pointless, Sylvia believes if someone has to know the pointless things, it might as well be her.

Lauren Groff is a freshman here at Sparta High School. She is involved in Sparta's Freshman Select and Treble Choirs, the Spring Musical and plays forward on the Varsity Field Hockey team. Go Lady Spartans!

Sean is a 15 year old freshman. He is a Sparta native and has a deep appreciation for the town. Sean enjoys traveling to far off places (his photo was taken in Iceland less than a year ago). He adores food especially breakfast food, but personally finds fish absolutely awful. His favorite TV shows consist of the short lived Futurama, The Simpsons and Rick and Morty. One Sean’s most prevalent hobbies is writing, which is the subject he enjoys the most in school. He is interested in computers, technology and well as History. Sean is excited for the next four years in the high school and four years of writing for The Oracle.

Andrew Greenberg is originally from Millburn, NJ and just moved to Sparta. He is The Oracle’s photographer, personally enjoying taking photos of people and landscapes for fun. He snowboards in the wintertime which is his favorite season.

Kanita Tariq is a freshman here at Sparta High that wants to get something out of the way: no one can pronounce her name, so here it is phonetically: Kaa-net-uh. She used to live in New York City. Kanita plays tennis outside of school and is learning to play the piano. In the future, she would like to become a lawyer or a journalist. She is excited for her journey at The Oracle!

Will Nichols is the middle child with two step siblings and two half siblings. Will loves to ride his bicycle around town and go for a swim! He is all about motivating and inspiring everyone to build a more well rounded community. Will is an active Boy Scout aspiring to become an Eagle. Along with that, he has been acting since he was young and played the piano for six years. In the future, Will would like to become an environmental science engineer or an opthamologist.

Billy Stoddard is a sophomore who can always brighten your day - he is everyone’s go to guy! Billy is a member of the basketball team and the new biomedical science program. He is a quinoa enthusiast.

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