Meet the witty, enchanting, perky (and gorgeous) people who love to write for you!

Ms. DeLuccia has been a part of the Sparta High School Community for the last 16 years. She currently serves as the Educational Media Specialist/Librarian. She is the advisor of the ORACLE, co-advises Student Council and directs the Spring Musical.

Simply put, Elise has a huge spark for life. Her interests include writing articles, activism, traveling, and brunching. To unwind from the turbulence that is the daunting college application process, Elise enjoys lending a helping hand to remind her of what's important to her. Elise's favorite thing about The Oracle is all the room for self-improvement and talking to staff and students alike to bring a sense of community.


Lauren Groff is a sophomore at Sparta High School. She is involved in Sparta's choir groups, the Spring Musical and plays forward on the Varsity Field Hockey team.

Sean is a Sparta native and has a deep appreciation for the town. Sean enjoys traveling to far off places (his photo was taken in Iceland less than a year ago). He adores food - especially breakfast food, but personally finds fish absolutely awful! His favorite TV shows consist of the short-lived Futurama, The Simpsons and Rick and Morty. One Sean’s most prevalent hobbies is writing, which is the subject he enjoys the most in school. He is interested in computers, technology as well as history.

Kanita Tariq is a sophomore here at Sparta High that wants to get something out of the way: no one can pronounce her name, so here it is phonetically: Kaa-net-uh. She used to live in New York City. Kanita plays tennis outside of school and is learning to play the piano. In the future, she would like to become a lawyer or a journalist. She is excited for her journey at The Oracle!

"Sarim", as he likes to be referred to as, is a junior at SHS. He may not always love high school, but he is glad it gives him useful skills and is a place to raise his voice. In his free time, Sarim loves to volunteer with the Red Cross and Sparta EMS. He one day hopes he can help many less fortunate people as an adult.

Chloe is a freshman this year at Sparta. She tends to look on the bright side of things and nearly always has a sunny outlook on life. She's a self-proclaimed bibliophilic and you can always find her with her nose buried in a good book! She absolutely adores animals and one day hopes to become a published author or a veterinarian.

Melissa La Fountain, above all things, is a music lover. She lives and breathes it, preferring it over everything else at times. She uses music and writing as therapy, and hopes to combine the two into a career one day and become a music journalist.

Brandon looks forward to providing the student body with creative and relevant articles in his second year with the newspaper. Brandon is a pitcher on the baseball team and spends his free time with his friends watching sports and playing video games. Brandon has five immediate family members - his parents, brother, sister, and brother-in-law who have a baby on the way! 

A sophomore at Sparta, Emily tries her best to stay smiling at all times. In the past, Emily has participated in basketball, school musicals, and volunteering. She loves trying new things - especially new foods! One of her hobbies is gardening, as she likes to spend her spare time outdoors. Her favorite place ever is at the beach and when she can't be outside, she tries to bring as much green life indoors as possible.

Sara Collver is a freshman. She is obsessed with music, and has been called a musical dictionary many times in her life! When Sara isn't blowing your mind with a plethora of useless facts (someone's got to know them), she also enjoys reading, watching movies, and standing in the rain. Sans umbrella, of course.

Arguably, she's a pretty good person. Sarah is a napalm bomb of chaotic-leftist junk, and she doesn't mind it; she may even adore it. It isn't the type of thing people go around saying, a combative personality tends to rub people the wrong way, but in this day and age, politics and literature are a cheap thrill, and she tends to runs out of money before she even has it.

Your favorite curly-haired writer, Taylor, loves meeting new people and is a huge family person! She loves to give her opinion on the most trending things and is very involved with Pass it Along. Taylor is a hard worker and takes school very seriously.

Becky Sehnert is a junior at Sparta High School and is looking forward to bringing new ideas the SHS Oracle! She is apart of the orchestra where she enjoys playing music and learning to play new instruments. She loves volunteering and helping others.

Andrew Greenberg is originally from Millburn, NJ and joined the Spartan family a year ago. He is The Oracle’s photographer, personally enjoying taking photos of people and landscapes for fun. He snowboards in the wintertime which is his favorite season.

Bailey is on the girls varsity soccer team for the second year and is loving it! Bailey's favorite thing to do in her free time is to spend time with her friends and bake. Bailey loves new challenges and expanding her horizons, which is why she decided to join the newspaper. She is excited to share the school’s best aspects through her camera lense.

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